Songkran Splash at Khao San Road 2012Songkran Splash at Khao San Road 2012

Songkran Splash at Khao San Road 2012

Songkran Splash at Khao San Road 2012


The festival that all Thai peoples are waiting is coming. During 13rd – 15th
April, it is a festival that I call “Off Hot Season”. But some my
foreign friends call it that “Water Gun War”. Even though, it is called
any event, everyone will be wet surely. And this year is very hot year, so this
time is also very fun, too.
It is very easy to participation in this festival. Only you are in Thailand on middle of April, you can experience this festival, when you are in any place in Thailand. You need only some equipment, it is water gun which many model of the gun from small to big size. The water gun is developed from the blow for water taking. If you don’t want to hold the gun, you can use the classic method; the blow. Also there is not any problem. Until now I am so much talking, and today the temperature is so hot about 40 degrees, so let’s go to enjoy the festival.



Because my home is locating near the most famous Khao San Road, I would like to introduce here. It takes only 15 minutes by walking from my house. I and friends must through the much water playing group which became to be very wet. Until Khao San Road arriving, we were wet more than 95%.
When we arrived the front of the lottery department, there were many small shop that sale food, water playing device, waterproof case for mobile phone and so on. If who don’t have the equipment for the fighting or the stomach is empty, it can buy or eat at here.There are many good foods such as the rice with fried egg, Pud-Thai (fried Thai noodle), fried chicken, barbecue pork, desert and other so much. OK, if you are ready, let’s go in to Khao San Road.
But, before entrance to Khao San Road, there is the police for check the weapons. The weapon is the powder. In order to prevent the sexual harassment and it may lead to the controversy. If you have the powder, you must leave it at here. When you go in to the Khao San Road, you will found the international army of Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Arab. There is not only the penguin from the North Pole. Ok, let’s start to throw you weapons to you aim settle. If some people are sprayed by water from everyone, it means that he or she is very “Hot” (Popular).


Songkran Splash at Khao San Road
Songkran Splash at Khao San Road
Songkran Splash at Khao San Road


My friends were fun with water spraying. For me, I took the camera, then rose up my hand and say “Stop”, but even done that, it seem that to invite other people to spray water to me.
So I rushed to the corner that safety place and observe by keep some distance. I had feeling that all people enjoy this festival so much. Some people showed hard dancing with the music all time. It builds up the atmosphere to be more exciting. When I and friends became to be very tired, we would like to leave here for go back home. But it was so hard to through and go out from the road. Our conditions were same as passed the World War 2. And now we were feeling very hungry, we remembered the Pat-That, so we went back to the front of the lottery department for take some foods.


Don’t do it.

 1) Don’t carry high valuables. It may be stolen. Bring only minimum necessary amount.
2) Don’t carry important documents that cannot be wet, during this festival, even you don’t want to join. If necessary, please take in it in plastic bag.
3) During this period, if you stay in Khao San Road, in case of you have to go out or go in, you should do in the early morning or late time. Otherwise, you will face a difficult situation. Whether you ask them, you will get a wet surely. We warn you already.
4) If you have child, please carry or catch them completely, because there are many people, it has possibility that they may lost from you.
5) You should not do sexual harassment to women during this festival. It will be serious problems certainly.

Meet  next Year ……Lol ;-)